Q. How long has Beaux Arts Art Framing been in business?
A. In 1988 Bob Schutze founded Beaux Arts Fine Art. In 1989, Bob discovered that no single framing concern in Dallas offered the breadth and depth of framing styles, choices and services that matched those offered in New York, London or Paris. This lack of quality and selection of custom framing available in the DFW Metroplex area, including Dallas and the Park Cities, led Bob to start custom picture framing in his home. This initial effort eventually became a business run by his sister, Donna Wildman, and her husband David. The collaboration continued until 2011 when once again Beaux Arts established its own custom art framing studio. One look at the current frame design room along with the hundreds of examples of framed art in the gallery leave little doubt that Dallas now has one of the finest framing stores in the world.

Q. What is the guiding principal at Beaux Arts Art Framing?
A. Beaux Arts Art Framing performs its services based on quality first, then price! We strive to design every item in a manner that protects it from any damage or degradation over time. In addition we design the frame to present the subject in the most stunning manner our client can imagine. Bad framing can ruin the best art! Expert framing can elevate any art! We believe it is important to begin with great designs and only then, make adjustments to meet one’s budget.

Q. How is Beaux Arts Art Framing different from chain stores?
Chain stores offer mass produced, bulk purchased import items.  Rather than these imported “ready made frames”, BAAF offers domestic made, craftsman produced specialty items.  From 22 carat gold frames to display your most glorious art masterpieces to acrylic display boxes to house your child’s treasured baseball glove, BAAF offers the framing solution.  Whereas chain framers offer an arbitrary maximum price point that guides all product quality, Beaux Arts sets a minimum quality standard, which we demand for our clients, and then deliver the best pricing anywhere.  We sell great material you can’t find anywhere else.  Further, we focus entirely on our specialty.  We don’t sell assorted sundry craft items; but we are crafty!

Q. What can be framed besides oil painting and prints?
Anything and everything!  Sports jerseys, canoe paddles, christening gowns, false teeth!  Photography framing, diploma framing and even needlepoint framing can be accomplished through our expert services.  Have an antique rug or a favorite baby blanket?  Textile mounting is also available.  Object framing in innovative shadow boxes are always on display in our gallery to stimulate ideas.  From bird eggs and butterflies to marathon medals. 

Q. What types of frames are available?
A. Our framing design room will astound you with our selection of frames. You will see samples ranging from unadorned, simple wood frames to carved, watergilded frames. Custom finishes are available. We offer wood frames, gold frames, metal frames, acrylic boxes (sometimes referred to as plexiglass boxes) or shadow boxes to display oils, watercolors, memorabilia, artifacts or objects. We cater to everything from historical framing to contemporary framing. Whether your artwork falls into the category of modern framing or traditional framing, we have the frames for you!

Q. What about the glass?
A. We offer various solutions to provide the right glass for your framed artwork. Depending on your needs BAAF can supply different types of glass including clear glass, non-glare glass or museum glass. UV protection is available in all our glass selections if desired. Using ultra violet filtering glass is advisable for all light sensitive items. UV protection is also available for plexiglass/acrylic boxes.

Q. What is French matting?
A. Historically, fine and rare drawings and engravings were presented in mounts (matting) that were embellished with inked lines, watercolor washes and gold line rules to accentuate their importance. These elaborate borders have come to be known as “French mats”. BAAF has perfected the craft and utilizes both ancient and modern techniques to embellish items, without distraction. Water colored panel French mats provide a glorious effect to the artwork when applied expertly.

Q. What other mats are available?
A. The staff of BAAF is expert at assisting with the selection of the appropriate mats (and frames) for your artwork. In addition to the French matting described above we can provide fabric mats such as silk mats, linen mats and rag mats. Also available are hand ruled mats, decorative mats and conservation mats. Let us help you select just the right mat to compliment your artwork.

Q. What other enhancements can you provide for my framed art?
A. Frame liners and fillets (the decorative piece between the mat and the art) provide one more dimension to a framed piece of art and depending on the artwork can offer further enrichment to the finished piece. Should you require a frame plaque, BAAF can also provide a high quality brass plaque to finish off your masterpiece.

Q. Are there hanging or mounting methods that don’t harm my art?
A. Whether you call it archival mounting or museum mounting, proper hinging of artwork is essential to preserve your original piece of art. BAAF uses all the proper methods prescribed for suspending artwork in the frame.

Q. How does BAAF handle canvas art?
A. Our studio is equipped with stretchers bars and can provide expert canvas stretching. Should you desire a gallery wrap canvas, we are fully equipped to make it happen!

Q. What does “floating” artwork mean?
A. By carefully mounting stretched canvas or paper art from behind, it is possible to suspend art in a frame package with nothing touching the edges, which leaves the impression that the object is “floating” in air. The presentation is complicated to do archivally, but presents most items in a most spectacular way. We encourage it.

Q. Does Beaux Arts Art Framing offer digital reproduction services?
A. BAAF has state of the art digital scanning and digital printing services to assist our customers. We can handle any custom imaging jobs you may have. Small items can become grand, framed poster-sized presentations with text and commentary. We are able to reproduce a child’s blue ribbon winning crayon drawing for every grandparent, godparent, aunt and uncle in the family – all exactly like the original. We can frame the reproductions and put the original back in the safe!

Q. What about object and garment framing?
A. BAAF utilizes equipment and techniques to secure items safely to their backing. It allows for the framing of any kind of textiles, fabrics, jerseys, etc. BAAF can also frame medals and coins, firearms, tiles, porcelain; essentially any object can be mounted and protected with a frame and glazing. Breathtakingly clear, low reflective, ultraviolet glazing, either glass or acrylic, is used to keep out contaminants.

Q. What’s the difference between the terms: conservation, restoration, museum quality, archival, et al?
A. BAAF offers a variety of refinishing, repairing and restoring services for frames, paper art and canvas art. The owner, Bob Schutze, studied paper conservation throughout the 1990’s with the world-renowned bookbinder, restorer and conservator, Jan Sobota. Thus, our studio offers most of the fundamental paper restoration services required by our customers. Should further paper restoration services be required, we maintain a network of sources for highly advanced technical applications requiring extensive laboratory conditions.

In the area of painting restoration and painting conservation, BAAF can clean, touch up, mend tears, re-varnish, reline and re-stretch art on canvas. BAAF can perform many kinds of frame repair. We can refinish and restore a frame to eliminate or reduce evidence of scratches, dings and damage. It is even possible to replace missing gesso on highly ornamental period frames. Our workshop can mill or fabricate solutions in wood for nearly any repair. We can also repair broken glass. Show us before you declare anything unsalvageable!

Q. Does Beaux Arts Art Framing provide framed mirrors?
A. Any of the exquisite frames we carry can be utilized to present mirrors, modern or with antiqued mirror glass. A hand crafted framed mirror is a must for powder baths. Our studio is adept at engineering frames for existing mirrors, previously mounted on the wall, or designing mirror frames that can withstand the rigors of size and aging. A frame with a touch of gilding can create a masterpiece for a traditional setting or select a contemporary frame for a modern look. We offer conventional clear mirror glass, antiqued mirror and beveled, if preferred.

Q. Do you sell anything besides custom framing?
We have located and imported the finest water gilded photo frames sold in this country.  These are some of the “ready made frames” you will find in our studio.  In addition, we can provide picture frame lights in various sizes.  And of course, our associated gallery sells art, art and more art.  We can address all your decorating needs including both the artwork and the framing.  Our gallery has a large selection of framed watercolors, antique maps, antique prints, lithographs and more on display.

Q. Can I purchase custom acrylic display boxes?
The studio can fabricate “welded” clear acrylic boxes for museum style display of objects that can be either hung on the wall or set on a tabletop. Fragile or delicate items are excellent candidates. This medium is also ideal for Sports memorabilia framing. The acrylic display provides a modern, minimalist presentation that allows the visual focus to remain on the art or the object.

Q. How much time does custom framing require?
Fitting our customer’s oil on canvas, antique print, watercolor or print into a custom framing package usually takes 7 to 14 days. Need it to be in the Oval Office? 8 hours! Because we maintain an extensive inventory of every imaginable framing material on site at our studio, we can meet virtually any time requirement. Framing the Dead Sea Scrolls? Add a few extra weeks.

Q. Does Beaux Arts Art Framing install art? How about packing and shipping?
Once we have exquisitely rendered the framing of your precious items, we have nary the strength for art delivery and picture hanging. Thus a network of insured professional service companies, eager to pick up and install large, ponderous, or numerous pieces are retained in our files to provide you with options and a firm quote to handle such details. You can rest assured that we use only the best for art hanging/mirror hanging. Art storage for short periods can be provided until arrangements for pick-up are made. Art crating and art shipping? We can easily expedite smaller, less numerous items internally. Otherwise we can make all the necessary arrangements to box or crate your framed art anytime for shipment anywhere in the world. Insurance is available.

Q. Is Beaux Arts Art Framing affiliated with Beaux Arts Fine Art?
They are one in the same.

Q. Does Beaux Arts Art Framing sell to the trade only or also retail?
While Beaux Arts is located in an area historically associated with trade-only showrooms of art, furniture and home accessories, our products and services have always been available to the general public. Our expertise extends to residential, commercial and hospitality clients. Our doors are open to everyone. Of course, we do make allowance to our trade partners.

Q. Where are you located? Do you make house calls?
A. Our gallery is located in North Texas, in the Dallas Design District at 154 Glass Street, Suite 104. We are a stones throw from Interstate 35E and are happy to make house calls.

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